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Montage Media Guild was established in October 2017

Since October 2017 our purpose has been to invest in the rich entertainment culture of Houston by collecting and archiving music, sports, art and film memorabilia that embodies the city and further solidifies its rightful place on the map as a global influence.

Montage Media Guild is passionate about storytelling. Born from the idea that Houston is deserving of a hub that highlights the multitude of sounds, visuals and styles, coupled with the desire to promote and preserve our city’s contribution to media.

The Montage Media Gallery will tell that story through a collective of keepsakes, artifacts, collectibles, artwork, footage and other tokens, each valuable in its significance to the city of Houston, available in traditional and digital platforms. From the crown jewels that are our championship sports teams, the one of a kind sounds originated by our musical pioneers, passionate performances and expressions from various mediums, the Montage Media Gallery will incorporate each of these elements to inform and celebrate what makes Houston captivating.

It is our vision to give a voice to the other multitudes of Houston born or inspired talent to tell their own story and have it recognized as a meaningful contribution to the ever growing Houston legacy.