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February 15, 2006

Warehouse Live opens.

December 9, 2004

Tracy McGrady scores 13 points in 33 seconds.

June 27, 2002

The Houston Rockets select Yao Ming with the number 1 pick.

October 6, 1999

Houston Texans established as professional football team in Houston.

September 22 – November 19, 1993

Jason’s lyric, a film starring Jada Pinkett-Smith and Allen Payne, shot on location at several notable landmarks in the 3rd Ward area.


Tupac Shakur acquires the iconic “Thug Life” tattoo at Dago’s Tattoo from artist/owner Dennis “Dago” Coelho.

April 2, 1991

97.9 switched from a progressive rock station to a contemporary format, The Box.

June 19, 1984

Hakeem Olajuwon is selected as the number 1 overall pick by the Houston Rockets.

August 30, 1983

Lauren Anderson joins the Houston Ballet.


The Ensemble Theatre was founded by George Hawkins.


Skipper Lee Frazier founds funk and soul record label, Ovide.

April 9, 1965

The Astrodome opens.

April 10, 1962

The Colt .45’s begin their inaugural major league season.


Don Robey founds Peacock Records.

February 18, 1948

First broadcast from Texas’s oldest black-owned radio station, seated in Houston, KCOH 1430 AM.

April 1941

The DeLuxe Theater opens as one of the premiere black movie theaters in Houston’s 5th Ward.

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